Helping corporations and governments manage risk

Real-time risk & damage assessment of buildings & portfolios

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 11.26.08 AMWe help corporations reduce their Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) while increasing resiliency.

  • Manage insurance programs
  • Prioritize risk-reduction
  • Support crisis management
  • Accelerate business recovery


Physics-based technology



Risk data capture & analytics

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 11.59.47 AMSensor-based data capture

We capture data at building, regional, and global scales using affordable, user-installed sensors.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 12.00.08 PMAdvanced analysis

We analyze this data using advanced digital signal processing techniques, risk modeling, and Artificial Intelligence.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 12.00.17 PMReal-time risk & damage information

Through dashboard and mobile analytics, we provide corporations with real-time information, for both individual buildings and portfolios.



Providing information when it’s needed most

Global Risk Platform

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 12.43.24 PMThe Safehub Global Risk Platform presents building-specific data in real-time, providing critical risk information.



Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 12.44.42 PMThis enables corporations to refine and evaluate insurance and risk reduction programs, and expedite emergency response and recovery, minutes following an event.