Structural Health
Monitoring for
Every Building
and Portfolio
By continuously monitoring the heartbeat of your buildings, Safehub provides better risk information to save lives and manage risk.
Monitor your buildings and portfolio health
LTE Cellurar Safehub sensor
Top motion sensor
LTE Cellurar Safehub sensor
Bottom motion sensor
Have your own view of risk

Plan ahead...make data-driven decisions

Respond to emergencies & reduce business interruption
catastrophe modeling
Our portfolio model is enhanced by sensor data and continuous real-time analysis of structures.

Plug & Play


Cellular connectivity to cloud
Have your own view of risk
With Safehub's Global Risk Platform, access your portfolio and building-specific risk information.
NextGen risk modeling

Loss estimation and damage prediction

Occupancy risk scale
Plan ahead...
make data-driven

Prioritize key risk drivers and run pre-defined scenarios to stress-test your portfolio and emergency response.
Respond to emergencies &
reduce business interruption
Manage your response using real-time building-specific information. Sensor data is connected to our Global Risk Platform to provide financial-loss and occupancy-risk estimates.